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What are BioFillers?

I was shocked when I first read about this new technology!  Basically, we can now make dermal filler out of your own blood products!  What? Really?  Exciting if you are like me and LOVE administering filler!  Exciting if you love extra volume and always need more. Interestingly, BioFiller is Derived from Autologous Blood.

The filler gel is derived from the patient’s own blood so there is no risk of allergic reactions. It works for wrinkle augmentation, fine line reduction as well as to volumize, lift, and rejuvenate the face, neck and hands. The softness of Autologous Blood BioFiller is much better than those that are derived from fat.

How does it differ from PRP? With precise temperature modification for extended release.

Why would anyone chose to use this method?  The beauty of this procedure is that you can get multiple cc of filler in one treatment!  You can plump your lips, raise cheek bones, fill lines, even nasolabial folds and reduce scar appearance!  As we age, the areas in and around our face and neck can naturally lose subcutaneous fat. This causes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hollowed cheeks. This loss of fat can also cause the skin in areas such as face to stretch causing a visible loss of volume. Traditionally, practitioners' resort to dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid. However, they carry a risk of causing an allergic reaction. To avoid this risk, BioFillers are an excellent choice. Results are immediate and usually lasts a couple of months (the exact protocol is being tested, and we’re still waiting for the results to see how much longer can it actually last). Once the filler starts to dissipate, the patient needs to come back for more to maintain the result.  Also, this procedure costs much less than commercial filler due to the value in volume offered!  Plus, there is some evidence that it may stimulate collagen production for continued benefit. 

As I have experimented more and more with fillers, I do love the predictability in duration that commercial fillers offer.  The other advantage to commercially made product is that it will respond to hylenex, an enzyme that promotes reabsorption of the drug, should the result want to be reversed.  However, I find that the Biofiller is so incredibly smooth that chances of needing to reverse are very low.  The swelling is very minimal and only related to the slight tissue injury from the needle.  Lots of naturalists in the world will really have an appreciation for this 100% autogulous treatment! 

What will we think of next!!!

Dana Koenning, NP


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