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Botox and Dermal Filler Injections

We are proudly and comprehensively compliant with Texas Administrative Code Title 22, Part 9, Chapter 193, Rule s. 193.17(a)which governs our practice. Patient safety is our #1 priority.

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Founded in 2015 by

Dana Koenning,

Adult-Gerontological NP-C

Master Certified in Injectables

use online booking link or

text Dana directly 281-684-6286 

New Service Announcement:

Biofiller Facelift

The Plasma Bio-Filler Facelift is an exciting aesthetic process being introduced in dermatology. The dermal filler gel is autologous and requires a multi-step, highly skilled process to obtain.  It works well for fine wrinkle reduction as well as to volumize, contour and rejuvenate the face, neck and hands. The consistency and autologous nature of plasma bio-filler are better accepted by patients than the high-density hyaluronic acid fillers.  Under the direction and supervision of our on-site Nurse Practitioner, we are currently offering a very affordable Pilot Program.  Dana has been studying and observing the possibilities of plasma filler and its properties since 2017.  Results are stunning!  It is lasting several months, and an added bonus is that Biofiller has growth factors, and healing properties.  There is minimal to no pain and aside from bruising, there is little to no downtime.  For pennies on the dollar, clients are able to get up to 6 syringes for what they would pay for 1 syringe of commercial filler.  We have already done numerous Biofiller Procedures since our program was announced in September of 2023!  We have strict policies and procedures, and you will be provided with comprehensive aftercare instructions.  Stay tuned for this exciting new venture of ours, as we will be providing updates occasionally on our observations and knowledge of this great organic opportunity!

Ingrid Treybig, RN

Advanced Certified in Injectables

Use online booking link or

text Ingrid directly 281-748-4718

Kim Cuello, RN

Advanced Certified in Injectables

use online booking link or

text Kim directly 713-203-6041

Malli Ford, BSN

Nurse Practitioner student

Master Certified in Injectables

use online booking link or

text Malli directly 281-731-6544

Additional Services
  • BioFiller Facelift

  • PRF Under Eye Filler

  • PRF Scalp Therapy for Hair Growth

  • Microneedling with Platelet Rich Fibrin

  • Organic Plasma based skincare

  • Botox®/Dysport equivalent injections for anti-wrinkle (forehead lines, between eyebrows, nasal bunny lines, lip lines, crows feet around eyes, and brow lift

  • Chemical Peels by Skinceuticals with minimal to no down time

  • Dermaplane and Plasmaplane

  • Microneedling for Collagen Induction

  • Dermal Filler to boost volume with Restylane silk and/or juvederm XC to enhance lip volume/border and cupids bow

  • Juviderm Voluma for cheek augmentation, Lasts 2 years

  • Juviderm Vollure for lips and lines, Lasts 18 months

  • Restylane lyft for moderate to severe wrinkles/folds

  • Juviderm Ultra Plus XC for nasolabial folds

  • Kybella for double chin treatment

  • Clear and Brilliant Resurfacing Laser

  • Vitamin Injections and Infusions

Our goal is to comfortably identify and treat your aesthetic wants and needs from a conservative and cost considerate perspective. We want to bring out your individual, natural beauty. I am Dana Koenning, Adult-Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, founder of BoBeauty.   At BoBeauty, we will provide highly qualified, cost effective treatments in a comfortable and family friendly atmosphere.  Whether you are interested in Botox, Dermal Filler or prescriptive Skin Care. Check out our services, and call to make an appointment today!

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