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The BioFiller Files: A Pilot Study

We have taken it upon ourselves to learn new and innovative ways to treat signs of aging. Our clinical study and Pilot Programs are in the final stages for full adoption and promotion!

In phase 1 of our study we have learned the differences between the different types of BioFillers, pros and cons, and previously documented risks and benefits. We established safety profiles through evidence based research. We then wrote care plans and procedures. We selected a large volunteer client base and performed a variety of BioBlends, with varying techniques. We utilized several peer reviewed methods of preparation and administration. During administration, we noted differences in procedural discomfort or lack thereof. After monitoring their progress over 8 weeks, we selected the most favorable, most robust, safest, longest lasting, and most augmentative package.  It is most comparable to traditional HA fillers. We then fine tuned our process by implementing low risk local anesthesia techniques.

In phase 2 we continued observation of safety. We collected follow up photos and compared to baseline. We collected data on side effects, length of downtime, and overall patient satisfaction. We experimented with the addition of buffered lidocaine for comfort. We administered a second treatment if desired. We also observed interactions or lack thereof with traditional HA fillers, neurotoxin, and chronic disease.

In phase 3 we compared BioFiller to traditional fillers. We honed in on main side effects, and administered a third round if desired. We collected before and after photos for comparison, and we adjusted the amount of volume administered as tolerated, mostly increasing from 6 to 9 ml.

In phase 4, we had an established safety protocol of our own. We educated on the likely temporary side effects and we implemented ways to decrease downtime.

We also began experimentation of treatment of forehead atrophy after long term use of neurotoxin. We propose that superficial BioFiller injections with advanced mesotherapy will allow you to keep your expressions, but significantly reduce your lines. When done under a strict procedural protocol, It’s safe, effective, and pocket book friendly. 


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