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BoBeauty Signature BioFiller Q&A

What happens during an appointment?

Most of your appointment time is taken up with acquiring and processing of your liquid gold (plasma). During this time, we collect photographs, apply your numbing cream, and give you an information handout. It’s also a good time to answer any questions, go over your health history, and provide  any prescriptions if necessary, etc. We can also tailor your treatment based on how much downtime you can or can’t tolerate. Sometimes our other clinicians are in and out of the room. Occasionally, if the schedule allows, two of us are working on you (one injecting, one assist). Kim, Ingrid, and Malli are also finding themselves with a growing BioFiller base!

How are we monitoring progress:

If it’s not your first round, we will compare baseline photos. We want to ensure that we are seeing improvements with every round. As long as we are seeing improvements, we will give the green light to do another round after 4 weeks, only if desired. Not everyone will need another. Some only need 2, and the general recommendation is 3. You can also do a PRF touch up to any areas at 2 weeks (again, if desired). Some have already reserved a spot in the near future (smart people ). I can’t imagine anyone needing as thorough of a treatment as the first round because we are definitely seeing regeneration. There are always things we can do to polish you more! We can do soft cheek and lip augmentation (and yes, BioFiller can do this), neurotoxin, skin care, etc!

Who is a candidate?

Most people are great candidates! Unfortunately though, there are a few absolute contraindications in our policy which are as follows: pregnancy, poorly controlled diabetes, severe autoimmune disorder, liver failure, platelet disorders, hemolytic anemia, severe low volume type anemias, active infection, active cancer, chemotherapy, and history of anaphylaxis. Additionally, we will be needing to know about any facial implants and commercial biostimulators you’ve had injected in the past.

Some conditions may just require an adjusted care plan.

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