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Ode To Our Million Solutions

Have you ever wondered how some schools of thought and ideas have advanced as far as they have? We live in a world that's inundated with new ideas, products, labels, machines, robots, etc. Before you know it, you could become nothing but the byproduct of big money-making systems. The old-world way of doing things just keeps sliding off more and more into the abyss. What if the solution to so many of our aging problems come from more simple solutions? What if doctors and nurses and other medical and beauty consultants stopped and asked themselves the raw bare question: What's best for our client's basic artistic beauty? Not... what makes me and other people in the industry the most money in the shortest amount of time with the least effort? I think lots of us would be shocked to know the simplicity of what that personal answer would be. Anytime something doesn't feel or look right... you must follow the money to find the truth. Some money following journeys will lead you to great resolutions... and others may lead you to some of the greatest scams of our time. Not to mention... the old-world systems with the new world systems seem to be colliding. When did we ever stop looking for real answers as professionals, as individuals, and as humanitarians? Prior to any treatment, whether it is from us or from another practice... please ask yourself: who is benefiting the most from this procedure/drug, or product that I'm about the invest in? If it isn't you (the one paying for it), then it probably isn't worth it! When choosing providers, try to stick with people who share your passion of creating a more beautiful, more wholesome you. It is never too late to take back your beauty, even if something or someone took it away for a while. It's still yours and you deserve to be beautiful and whole. God Bless.


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