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Marbles to Marbles

Don’t be afraid to defer product selection to us. We love to help you choose what goes in your face. When we select filler for a client, it is based on our knowledge of that product in practice and performance.  We have even "blind" tested these products against each other before we fully embraced the science presented, so there's no bias. We make an overall sense of how and why they differ based on HA levels, cross-linkage, spread ability, longevity, cohesivity and ease of reversal if complications arise. And let me just say… newer is not always better. Also... we can't only rely on the original study to assume risk level. If we bring a new product on and advertise it proudly… it is because we genuinely believe it is worthwhile of your money.  Not because we like the rep better or because we have higher profit margins due to the advanced marketing strategies of some watered down “new” product.  We know when a "new" product is not really new, it’s just repackaged.  Original patents only last 10 years before they lose their exclusivity.  If you have no prior experience, let us recommend your product for best outcomes. We work for you... not the big company behind each product.

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