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Biofiller for Sagging Skin after Rapid Weight loss

My true aesthetic niche, passion, and obsession… is high volume restoration with Biofiller.  I’ve loved this procedure and had big hopes and dreams for it since 2016.  I’ve actively performed them and studied them since 2017.

These past couple of years we've helped a lot of people regain their confidence after major weight loss. While the methods they used, -and how fast they achieved it, makes me nervous… I understand that it tends to leave their facial structures a bit hollow and sunken in.  They get rid of one problem with the weight… but then their face often looks more aged and dehydrated. It takes a big hit on their self esteem.  Anyone overcoming an ailment such as obesity has dealt with enough self image hits… now they have this new problem.  Plasma extraction, processing, purification, and utilizing its volume and healing properties through our BioRemodeling program has completely restored our outlook for them.  

After years of study and creation of our very own BioFiller protocols, we've been able to safely and successfully give volume restoration with tremendous skin rejuvenating capabilities. The outcomes are sustainable over a very long period of time. It’s a complete package for anti-aging and augmentation.  While this multi-step, in office medical procedure is way more time consuming, we don't mind seeing fewer patients in a day to accommodate.  The satisfaction for the client and ourselves as the clinicians, is quite unique. Something I haven't embraced in a long time.  We want to help as many people as we can. Our program is still evolving but much of our revisions of the procedure have slowed down.  We are very much valuing the benefits.  Please, if you want a BioFiller makeover and cannot get an appointment, text me or your BoBeauty provider so we can help you find a time slot.  If I cannot perform the procedure myself due to time constraints, our Registered Nurses are highly trained, skilled, and capable.  I’m always available to them for support, and they are beautiful BioFller artists. They have taken an active and outstanding role in this evolution of our new treatment.


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